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Arthur Court Designs from Silver Gallery

Arthur Court Designs French Lilly


We are proud to be Arthur Court's Largest Independent Dealer since 2004. This honor is reserved for Silver Gallery because we have the ability to market and sell Arthur Court Designs in an exemplary fashion. Because we are the largest dealer, you can count on Silver Gallery to have most Arthur Court items in stock and ready to ship. If you are seeking an Arthur Court item that doesn't appear on our site, please give us a call - we can get it for you!

  1. New! 2014

    2014 items from Arthur Court. 2013 brings new and exciting designs!
  2. Beaded Jewel Collection

    Discover the brilliance of the beaded jewel collection from Arthur Court
  3. Grape Collection

    Arthur's most popular pattern, the Grape Collection is traditional and collectible
  4. Butterfly Collection

    Fanciful and feminine accents embellish Arthur Court's Butterfly Collection
  1. Fleur-De-Lis Collection

    The Fleur de Lis & French Lily Collection draws on European motifs to fashion regal serveware
  2. Magnolias Collection

    Arthur Court's bold magnolia blossoms add natural decor to entertaining
  3. Horse Collection

    Beloved by equestrians, the Horse Collection is stately and thoroughly detailed
  4. Bunny Collection

    Playful and fresh as springtime, the Bunny Collection is an Arthur Court favorite
  1. Quattro Collection

    Drawing inspiration from the medieval quatrefoil, effortlessly sophisticated and modern.
  2. Engravable Gift Collection

    Arthur Court trays, bowls, and picture frames with engraving options
  3. African Safari Collection

    Exotic themes and Arthur Court's love of conservation inspire the Safari Collection
  4. Alligator Collection

    Handsome alligator motifs tailor Arthur Court's sustainable line of serveware
  1. Antler Collection

    The Antler Collection created by designer Arthur Court for the rustic home
  2. Cats Dogs & Pigs Collection

    An assortment of animals create Arthur Court's Cats, Dogs, and Pigs Collection
  3. Collegiate Collection

    Arthur Court's Collegiate Collection is perfect for awarding the recent graduate
  4. Disney Collection

    Arthur Court's licensed Disney Collection includes Mickey and Minnie!
  1. Elephant Collection

    The natural beauty of an African Safari inspires the majestic Arthur Court Elephants.
  2. Fall & Thanksgiving Collection

    Celebrate the spirit of the season with Fall and Thanksgiving gifts from Arthur
  3. Holly Collection

    Celebrate the holidays with the Holly Collection. Tray and bowls with festive elegance.
  4. Kentucky Derby Collection

    The thrill of the Kentucky Derby is celebrated by Arthur Court's aluminum gifts
  1. Longhorn Texas Collection

    Rustic and pastoral, the Long Horn Collection features the namesake in aluminum
  2. Organic Garden Collection

    Richly created, the Organic Garden Collection from Arthur Court Designs
  3. Ornament Collection

    For the Christmas season, Arthur Court's holiday ornaments add elegance
  4. Peace Collection

    Make a personal statement with Arthur Court's Peace Collection for serving
  1. Perla Collection

    Delicate beading accents the lustrous Perla Collection from Arthur Court
  2. Pineapple Collection

    The colonial theme of hospitality embellishes Arthur Court's Pineapple Collection
  3. Plaza Collection

    Arthur Court's Plaza based on Europe's grand city squares, both elegant and uncomplicated
  4. Rose Collection

    The rose collection celebrates romance for weddings and holidays
  1. Sealife Collection

    Arthur's love of the natural world shows in the nautical Sealife Collection
  2. Tuscan Collection

    Arthur Court's Tuscan Collection in richly finished cast aluminum and ceramics
  3. Wood Serveware

    Each wooden tray, bowl, and server reveals the grain and lovely pattern wood has to offer.
  4. Arthur Court Closeouts

    Silver Gallery's first quality Arthur Court from years past available at discount
  1. Arthur Court Cross Collection

    Intricate detail accents an array of standing crosses with historic designs
  2. Arthur Court Barware

    Arthur's bar sets and barware are the benchmark for evening entertaining
  3. Arthur Court Beverage Servers

    Formal entertaining made effortless by Arthur Court's elegant beverage servers
  4. Arthur Court Bless Your Heart

    A southern endearment personalizes a selection of trays and picture frames
  1. Arthur Court Bowls

    Arthur Court's cast aluminum bowls may be artfully arranged by pattern or shape
  2. Arthur Court Candle Holders

    Add lighting anywhere in the home with Arthur Court's brilliant candle holders
  3. Arthur Court Casserole Dishes

    Dress up ordinary dining with these functional casserole dishes from Arthur Court
  4. Arthur Court Centerpieces

    Bold but never imposing, Arthur Court's Centerpieces are a triumph of design
  1. Arthur Court Cheese Boards

    Select from finished marble, hand polished aluminum, and golden bamboo
  2. Arthur Court Chip and Dip

    Arthur Court's aluminum trays are divided for the classic pairing of chips and dip
  3. Arthur Court Coffee and Tea

    Serve guests with gracious tea and coffee accessories from Arthur Court
  4. Arthur Court Coolers

    Grand measurements and artistic designs create Arthur Court's aluminum coolers
  1. Arthur Court Glassware

    New and fresh glassware designed by artist Arthur Court for the home
  2. Arthur Court Kitchen

    Arthur Court's kitchen serveware turns the kitchen into the heart of the home
  3. Arthur Court Knives

    Sharply rendered into purposeful works of art, gift the hostess with Arthur's knives
  4. Arthur Court Napkin Boxes

    Unique collection of napkin boxes and pretty napkin weights for the home
  1. Arthur Court Napkin Rings

    Set the dining table with the gracefully turned Arthur Court napkin rings
  2. Arthur Court Picture Frames

    Display cherished photographs with aluminum picture frames from Arthur Court
  3. Arthur Court Salad Bowls & Serving Sets

    Crafted individually & polished by hand, the Arthur Court Salad Bowls and Serving Sets are decorative & functional
  4. Arthur Court Salt and Pepper

    Collectible and themed, salt and pepper sets are a finishing touch to dining
  1. Arthur Court Trays

    From Arthur Court, cast aluminum trays are accented by unique designs
  2. Arthur Court Water Pitchers

    Whether used or displayed, Arthur Court's pitchers are gracious serving gifts
  3. Arthur Court Wine Accessories

    What pairing could be more classic than Arthur Court's designs and wine accessories?