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Candle Snuffers - Silver Gallery

Candle Snuffers from The Silver Gallery range from classic to whimsical. These functional candle snuffers make attractive personal purchases or gifts. Why put up with smoking wick odor or pinch the wick with moistened thumb and finger when extinguishing candles and eliminating smoky odors can be accomplished quickly and easily with one of these candle snuffers?

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  1. Match Pewter Candle Snuffer - Curved
    Elegantly curved, the pewter candle snuffer features classic lines and handcrafted beauty. The snuffer is fashioned by hand in Italy. Light up your home with the warmth of pewter.
  2. Boardman Pewter Plain Cup Candle Snuffer - 9"
    Colonial inspiration crafts Boardman Pewter's candle snuffer. The simply wrought bell is polished to a brilliant shine. The handle features an end accented by a bead of gleaming pewter.
  3. Boardman Pewter Candle Snuffer with Finial
    Exquisite workmanship crafts Boardman Pewter's candle snuffer with finial. The gracious accent tops the cup of the finial with an eye-catching design. The candle snuffer is polished to a bright finish with a display worthy lustre.
  4. Match Pewter Candle Snuffer - Straight
    Extinguish candles with a fine pewter candle snuffer. The selection has clean lines and is fashioned entirely of pewter. Bring a little luxury into your home with the Italian-crafted gifts from Match Pewter.
  5. Classic Candle Snuffer w/Wood Handle
    Candle snuffers are an elegant way to extinguish candles without blowing wax all over your elegant tablecloth or fine wood table. Measuring 8 1/2 inches long, this classically designed pewter snuffer features a wooden handle making it suitable for any setting.
  6. Empire Sterling Silver Plain Border Twist Handle Candle Snuffer
    Display next to sterling and pewter candlesticks for a completely rounded display. Handcrafted in the United States, Empire Silver's sleek and elegant candle snuffer features a seamless design that will easily blend with any decor. The candle snuffer is crafted of fine sterling silver and buffed to a sparkling finish.

    Item number 408 shown in the photo is a retired item and is no longer available.

  7. Classic Pewter Candle Snuffer
    Classically designed to match the finest table decor, the Classic Pewter Candle Snuffer is perfect for any occasion. Measures 4 inches long and made of solid pewter for many years of beautiful service.
  8. Floral Candle Snuffer
    Delicate petals and elegant leaves mark this dainty pewter candle snuffer. Perfect for a lady's bedroom or dressing room, this snuffer is made of solid pewter and measures 4 1/2 inches long.
  9. Lighthouse Candle Snuffer
    This lovely little candle snuffer features a lighthouse design that will mesh beautifully with your seafaring decor. Measures 4 1/2 inches long and made of solid pewter to last for many years.
  10. Pewter Capitol Candle Snuffer
    A unique variation of the traditional pewter candle snuffer, the Capitol Dome Candle Snuffer is an interesting conversation piece. In the middle of the 19th century, it was considered very improper for a lady to blow out a candle. A solution had to be found. A candle extinguisher was created, now commonly called a candle snuffer. Our pewter candle snuffer is not only proper, but patriotic as well!
  11. Tulip Candle Snuffer
    This fetching candle snuffer assumes the form of a beautiful spring tulip. Made of solid pewter, it measures 4 inches long and will last for many years of "good nights.
  12. Bee Hive Snuffer
    Sweeten up candlelight with the Bee Hive Snuffer from Salisbury Pewter. Made in the United States, this selection is forged from fine lead-free pewter. Crested with an adorable bee accent, this candle snuffer is perfect for warming up home decor.

12 Item(s)

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