Alchemade employs artisans in India who craft each copper mug with love and care. Alchemade's manufacturing partners follow BSCI standards to ensure good working conditions and a safe workplace, no child labor, environmentally safe, fair wages & ethical business practices. Since the company started in 2012, over 100 artisans are earning a living wage to provide food, support & education for their families.
  • Boardman Silver
    Boardman Silver

    Since 1796, Boardman Silver has been crafting the finest American sterling gifts

  • Julia Knight
    Julia Knight

    Julia Knight's dedication to beauty and design inspires her colorful serveware

  • Lunt Silver
    Lunt Silver

    Finely worked silver creates Lunt Silver's collection of unique keepsakes

  • Mariposa

    Artisans in Mariposa's Cape Ann foundry offer a whimsical line of serveware

  • Empire Silver
    Empire Silver

    Family owned and operated, Empire Silver creates gifts inspired by events

  • Reed and Barton
    Reed and Barton

    With beginnings in 1824, Reed and Barton's legacy is true to their historic roots

  • Repoussé Jewelry by Galmer
    Repoussé Jewelry by Galmer

    American Estate presents Repoussé jewelry of the finest artistic lineage, rare beauty and enduring worth.

  • Match Pewter
    Match Pewter

    Handmade in Northern Italy, Match Pewter's love of detail accents each piece

  • Salisbury Pewter
    Salisbury Pewter

    Master silversmiths craft Salisbury's silver and pewter gifts in Maryland

  • Lunares Home Collection
    Lunares Home Collection

    Lunares home collection of aluminum gifts are hand crafted stylish designs

  • Thomas Sabo Charms
    Thomas Sabo Charms

    Thomas Sabo's Charms are glamorously created in brilliant .925 sterling silver

  • Cunill Silver
    Cunill Silver

    The craftsmen of Cunill create high quality silver gifts in bright finished sterling

  • Vera Wang
    Vera Wang

    Vera Wang's modern elegance crafted into silver wedding gifts and keepsakes

  • Casafina

    Casafina is a small, family-owned brand of exquisite handmade stoneware, pottery & gifts.

  • Silver Gallery
    Silver Gallery

    Silver Gallery - Our House Brand of Engravable Silver Gifts

  • Alchemade

    Alchemade's fine copper items are hand made and socially responsible

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