The loving cup's history is rich in tradition.  Customarily used for weddings, feasts, and special events, the pewter loving cup has origins as early as 1811.  It has evolved over time to become a classic yet modern corporate award for sporting events, bride and groom gifting, and award ceremonies.  The characteristic trophy design of the loving cup creates a presentation piece meant to be prized by the recipient.

The two handle design of pewter loving cups honors the union of two people or groups.  In the cup's history, each person held one of the two handles and drank from the loving cup in a symbolic union.  The loving cup's history and benchmark significance creates a presentation award meant to be esteemed by the recipient.

Loving Cup Trophy

Reinventing the classic, our pewter loving cup trophies feature a non-tarnishing finish that is ready to be engraved with personalization.  Often topped off with a lid, the lid of the loving cup is usually crested with a finial.  This accent adds decorative height to the pewter award cup.

These classic drinking vessels are often personalized to create an engraved loving cup.  Corporate logos, monograms, and special dates are popular for personalization.  Expert engravers can create a custom trophy out of a loving cup that is historic, timeless, and tasteful.


When mounted on a base, the loving cup may be engraved on the body of the cup or on the base if the chosen base is pewter.  Different styles and materials are available to add height to the loving cups.  Simply choose a style of base that best reflects the event.


The loving cup's history makes it a perfect choice for corporate awards, weddings, anniversaries, and sporting events.  Find out more about the historical value of loving cups.  Our selection of loving cups is available from American silversmiths that take pride in their work and engraving.  Browse through our beautiful selection of loving cups inspired by the original design.  Any questions about the bases or engraving?  Contact our friendly customer service staff.