Pewter and Silver Perpetual Calendars - Custom

Sterling silver calendars reward business success. Handcrafted into works of art for the desktop, Silver Gallery's sterling calendars may be personalized with engraving to create a truly executive corporate gift. For promotional events, holiday business gifting or simply to thank a client, a sterling silver calendar is an esteemed and personalized corporate gift.
  • Award Cups
    Award Cups

    Honor achievement with an award cup. Available in rich silver, pewter and more

  • Award Bowls
    Award Bowls

    Graciously shaped, award bowls celebrate the recipient with engraved details

  • Award Trays
    Award Trays

    Promotional trays selected for their superior quality and ability to be engraved

  • Award Trophies
    Award Trophies

    Award trophies commemorate the recipient with engraving and fine crafting

  • Bookmarks

    Professional or personal, an engraved bookmark is an exquisite gift

  • Cross Pens
    Cross Pens

    Cross Pens carry a legacy of quality paired with celebrated craftsmanship

  • Letter Openers
    Letter Openers

    Traditional and esteemed, letter openers are appreciated and used daily

  • Loving Cups
    Loving Cups

    Award colleagues and esteemed associates with an engraved Loving Cup

  • Paperweights

    Weighty and attractive, a paperweight makes a statement on the desktop

  • Pencil Cups
    Pencil Cups

    Personalize these upscale pencil cups with engraving for a unique office gift

  • Executive Pen Desk Sets
    Executive Pen Desk Sets

    Anything but ordinary, executive pen desk sets are meant to be displayed and used

  • Sterling Card Holders
    Sterling Card Holders

    Present business cards in the best light with a luxurious sterling silver card holder

  • Silver Calendars
    Silver Calendars

    Keep the desktop executive and organized with a finely crafted silver calendar

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