Mariposa Brillante from Silver Gallery

From the beginning to the end result, the process of creating a Mariposa Brillante gift is remarkable. The sculptor first renders the gifts from a unique sand casting. The craftsman then polishes each piece by hand to reveal the textures of rough and smooth, the effect of dark and light. Subtle imperfections remain as tributes to the handmade nature of these gifts.

  • Mariposa Servers
    Mariposa Servers

    Trays, cake stands, and salt and pepper sets make fine entertaining effortless

  • Mariposa Spreaders
    Mariposa Spreaders

    The perfect household gift, spreaders are used from bagels to hors d'oeuvres

  • Mariposa Trays
    Mariposa Trays

    From traditional to modern, Mariposa trays offer styles to fit any home

  • Mariposa Oceana
    Mariposa Oceana

    Seaside inspired servers in gleaming aluminum with coastal themes and accents

  • Mariposa Reveillon
    Mariposa Reveillon

    Named for France's famous long dinners, this collection offers texture and design

  • Mariposa Seaside
    Mariposa Seaside

    Bowls, trays, napkin holders and more embellished with seaside designs

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