Reed and Barton Silver Water Pitchers

Set a new standard for dining with the fine water pitchers from Reed and Barton. Each pitcher is thoughtfully designed to create a functional presentation on the dining table. Use as the namesake purpose or fill with flowers to create a striking display.
  • R & B Baby Banks
    R & B Baby Banks

    Playfully themed, Reed and Barton's baby banks are classic gifts for baby

  • R & B Baby Cups
    R & B Baby Cups

    Baby cups are cherished silver keepsakes for the happiest of occasions

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    R & B Baby Brush Sets

    Reed and Barton's brush and comb sets for baby are crafted in fine sterling silver

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    R & B Snowglobes

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    R & B Tea Sets

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  • R & B Silver Trays
    R & B Silver Trays

    Reed and Barton's silver trays are available in many price ranges and engravable

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2 Item(s)


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