Pewter Baby Cups - Engraved & Personalized

Baby cups welcome a new life into the world -- a joyous time that merits special acknowledgment. Our pewter baby cups can be elegantly engraved with one or two lines, or monograms. Choose individual popular versions from Reed & Barton, Salisbury Pewter, and Empire Silver. All our Pewter Baby Cups are Made in the USA

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Why choose a pewter baby cup?

Pewter baby cups are non-tarnishing and ready to be personalized! A vibrant luster that never tarnishes, lead-free workmanship, and classic silhouettes create a shining baby gift that will stand the test of time. All of Silver Gallery's engraved pewter baby cups are crafted in the United States by trusted and skilled artisans. Find out more about caring for pewter from the experts!

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