Sterling Silver Charms & Charm Jewelry

The Silver Gallery's silver charms are handcrafted by Hand & Hammer Silversmiths. They have created presentation sterling silver for every President since Kennedy and many notable museums. The Silver Gallery's sterling silver charms are gift boxed in Hand & Hammer boxes for our customer's convenience. Start or finish a charm bracelet with the Silver Gallery's jewelry collection. Made in the U.S.A.
  • Animal Charms
    Animal Charms

    An eclectic selection of animals crafted into beautiful sterling silver charms

  • Baby Charms
    Baby Charms

    Celebrate the new baby with a keepsake meant to be worn and enjoyed

  • Butterfly Charms
    Butterfly Charms

    Prettily handcrafted, these butterfly charms are fashioned from sterling silver

  • Cat Charms
    Cat Charms

    Sterling silver cat charms with themes like playful paw prints and hearts

  • Disney Charms
    Disney Charms

    Minnie and Mickey, Donald and Daisy! Everyone loves silver Disney charms

  • Dog Charms
    Dog Charms

    The beloved household pet is celebrated by our playful silver dog charms

  • Entertaining Charms
    Entertaining Charms

    Gift the hostess with a sterling silver charm themed with her favorite pastime

  • Family Charms
    Family Charms

    Silver family charms are an inspirational reminder of what matters in life

  • Fashion Charms
    Fashion Charms

    Heeled shoes, purses, and little black dresses crafted into silver charms

  • Flower Charms
    Flower Charms

    Garden and floral designs captured in sterling silver create these unique charms

  • Golf Charms
    Golf Charms

    These handsome silver golf charms honor the love of the sport in .925 sterling

  • Graduation Charms
    Graduation Charms

    Gift the graduate with a silver graduation charm for a lasting memento

  • Heart Charms
    Heart Charms

    The universal symbol of love, hearts theme these silver charms with romance

  • Hobby Charms
    Hobby Charms

    Favorite pastimes are honored by this unique selection of silver hobby charms

  • Holiday Charms
    Holiday Charms

    Christmas and Valentine's Day are a handful of themes for our holiday charms

  • Horse Charms
    Horse Charms

    Riding boots, horseshoes, and more create this collection of silver horse charms

  • Letter Charms
    Letter Charms

    Letter and initial charms are a personal gift for bridesmaids and holidays

  • Music Charms
    Music Charms

    Beautiful music charms crafted in fine sterling silver by expert silversmiths

  • Ocean Charms
    Ocean Charms

    Motifs of the ocean are crafted into miniature art with these silver charms

  • Patriot Charms
    Patriot Charms

    Silver patriotic charms featuring American flags and the Capitol Dome

  • People Charms
    People Charms

    Family takes center stage in these sterling silver charms including Mom charms

  • Religious Charms
    Religious Charms

    A variety of spiritual designs are lovingly created into sterling silver charms

  • Sport Charms
    Sport Charms

    Football, baseball, and golf are just a few themes for our silver sports charms

  • Tag Charms
    Tag Charms

    Silver tag charms personalized with meaningful words and unique themes

  • Travel Charms
    Travel Charms

    For the jet setter, travel charms are a lasting memento of adventures abroad

  • Zodiac Charms
    Zodiac Charms

    Silver zodiac charms fashioned from the finest .925 sterling into heavenly designs

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