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Started by the Wilton family sometime around 1935 and presided over by Mr. Ralph (Bud) Wilton, Jr. this company produced painted iron objects for industry and consumers. Popular throughout the 1940s and 1950s, the items included bottle openers, trivets, candle holders, and a wide variety of novelty items including mechanical banks. The items were hand painted and produced in Wrightsville, PA and Santa Barbara, CA. Presided over by Mr. Henry Wilton (brother of Mr. Ralph (Bud) Wilton) from the 1950s until its close in 1989, the company was best known during its last 35 years for its wall decorations, garden plaques and novelty items. Many of the original designs and objects produced by Wilton Products are occasionally reintroduced as Armetale brand products as part of the American Inspirations division.
  • Beatriz Ball
    Beatriz Ball

    Beatriz Ball's latest metalware designs in carefree polished aluminum

  • Boardman Silver
    Boardman Silver

    Since 1796, Boardman Silver has been crafting the finest American sterling gifts

  • Julia Knight
    Julia Knight

    Julia Knight's dedication to beauty and design inspires her colorful serveware

  • Lunt Silver
    Lunt Silver

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  • Mariposa

    Artisans in Mariposa's Cape Ann foundry offer a whimsical line of serveware

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    Empire Silver

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    Reed and Barton

    With beginnings in 1824, Reed and Barton's legacy is true to their historic roots

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    Repoussé Jewelry by Galmer

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    Match Pewter

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  • Cunill Silver
    Cunill Silver

    The craftsmen of Cunill create high quality silver gifts in bright finished sterling

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    Vera Wang

    Vera Wang's modern elegance crafted into silver wedding gifts and keepsakes

  • Casafina

    Casafina is a small, family-owned brand of exquisite handmade stoneware, pottery & gifts.

  • Silver Gallery
    Silver Gallery

    Silver Gallery - Our House Brand of Engravable Silver Gifts

  • Alchemade

    Alchemade's fine copper items are hand made and socially responsible

  • Wilton Armetale
    Wilton Armetale

    Wilton Armetale has produced high quality serveware since 1935. Silver Gallery offers Wilton Armetale items with available expert engraving.

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Wilton Armetale serveware has been a popular choice since 1935. Silver Gallery offers Wilton Armetale items with optional expert engraving & personalization.

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